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Shenyang Sciencreat Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Sciencreat Chemicals Co., Ltd. boasts over 20 main products, over 100 production technologies with the three certificates (pesticide registration certificate, production license, and product quality standard certificate), and 3 production bases, which mainly produce cyclohexanedione series herbicides, Pyriftalid, oxirane, Pyridate, and other new products, and the pesticide products developed by Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry.
Shenyang Research Insititute of Chemical Industry(Nantong) Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd
The Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry ( Nantong ) Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. founded with the joint investment of Sinochem Shanghai and Shenyang Research Insititute of Chemical Industry mainly produces aqua, powder and other pesticide preparations and is capable of customizing various small-package dosage forms as well as industrialized packages. This project is provided with the designed capacity of 10,000 tons/year, a modern production base as well as complete supporting facilities.


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